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If you go to Gambia, do it the right way !

Only 6 hours flying from Belgium, you are in a complete different world; Gambia !

Not only a destination for your holiday, but a experience !

Naturally Gambia offers you a lot of sunshine and beautiful beaches, but there's a lot more !

What do you think about a tough adventure in the jungle or a boat trip on the river "The Gambia" ?

The Albert Market at Banjul is a wonderful place to experience the real African live.

Gambia is a perfect combination of wonderful beaches and the African way of living
The apartments are located in a  quiet part of Kerr Sering yet only some  15 min walking  from the  Senegambia strip. So suitable  to know more about local Gambian culture and yet still very close to the tourist  center. The beach is also close and can easily  be reached.  Around the apartments are plenty local shops and the  taxi-terminal is also close by.   There is pool on site, but as guest to our apartments, you also get  free access to the swimming pool of the Sarges hotel at Senegambia area. Our manager and Ali can explain you where this is located.
Kerr Serign apartments has four separate apartments with the following specifications:  :
  • Sitting room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with gas stove, refrigerator, cutlery, plates and glasses.
  • Renovated  bathroom with walk-in shower, wash-hand basin, toilet and sunboiler on the roof
  • All rooms with ceiling fans
  • All rooms have 3 beds but 2 rooms have a double bed and 1 single bed
  • A stand-by generator for the whole complex in case of power cuts.
  • Water supply by the national water company (NAWEC) two reserve water tanks if necessary.
  • 24 hours security.
  • Groups are possible till max 12 persons: - they have special tariffs & early reservation is necessary!!!
  • Free wifi in the apartments
Other services provided:
  • Daily cleaning  of the apartments (except on Sunday)Towels are changed daily, beds sheet are changed weekly.
  • A laundry service on request , managed by Pullo, against a small fee
  • African meals : ask Pullo to prepare a local meal (a must!) against small fee. .
  • Possibility to rent cars and use them independently.
  • A taxi service upon request (ask our manager or Ali).

Against a small fee you can also use :
  • A mobile air cooler (to be requested from our manager, best booked in advance)
Click on the pictures for a bigger view
Prices & Reservation
Dear customers, due to a substantial increase in electricity prices in the Gambia and a new payment system (pre-paid electricity), a cash power charge of D 500 per week is applied to all apartments.   You are kindly requested to pay the cash power charge upon arrival (or the next day in case of late arrival/night arrival) to the Manager.  You will receive a receipt.
Price per week per apartment
rental time < 3 weken
Price per week per apartment
rental time > 3 weken
High season (*)
€ 250
High season (*)
€ 240
Low season (*)
€ 240
Low season (*)
€ 230
(*) Low season is July and August
Prices for a 3th persion on request - maximum rentingtime is 6 months
This prices includes:
Use of apartment, the "Gambian Sales Taxes" and pickup from the airprt of Banjul* (*rentals longer as 1 week)
Other expenses like for instance plaintickets and airporttaxes are NOT included.
For the tarifs and reservations of airplaintickets you can contact:
Espace Voyage Brussel - Tel +32 2 511 22 51 (Gallerie Porte de Namur - Brussel)
Espace Voyage Antwerpen - Tel +32 3 232 24 12 (Offerandestraat - Antwerpen) - see Flight/Scheduled flights
New services !

Breakfast available: 600 dalassi per person

Bar service

From 15 december 2018 weekly boottrip with food possible: 1800 dalasi
(drinks on the boot need to be payed at the end of the trip)

NEW Mini Market NEW
There is now a completely new mini Market in front of us!

From 20 december 2018 we have free wifi and tv in the apartments
Valid from October 01, 2018 !
Household rules

  • Your reservation will always be confirmed with the invoice enclosed.
  • An advanced payment of 40% of the invoice is obligatory when booking your reservation.
  • The remainder of the invoice amount has to be paid 3 weeks prior to the departure date.
  • When booking a reservation less than 3 weeks before the departure date, the full invoice amount has to be paid immediately.
  • In case of a cancellation of the booking prior to the 3 weeks of the departure date, the advanced payment of 40% of the invoice amount will be withheld.
  • If the cancellation of the booking is within the 3 weeks prior to the departure date, then you will be charged an extra 150 EURO on top of the withheld invoice amount.
  • Note that the tenant pays no booking fee and all the aforementioned amounts are in EURO.
  • The cancellation rate will not be charged due to medical circumstances or in case of a deceased family member.
  • Note that a cancellation must be communicated, in accordance with the civil code, by means of a registered letter with prove enclosed.
  • The executor is not liable for late payments from the tenant or from third parties and shall not be liable for any direct or indirect financial damage due to late payment.
  • Payments abroad are in local currency (Dalassi) or in EURO. (Note that the daily currency conversion rate of the Dalassi will be taken into account for payments in EURO).
  • The exporter is landlord of a private property, where the tenant should be aware that WATER AND ELECTRICITY IN GAMBIA ARE NOT ALAWYS GUARANTEED due to temporarily unavailability/power failures.
  • In such circumstances, the landlord will always try to provide a solution but cannot be held responsible, nor will he be liable for any damage caused.
  • Damage caused by the tenant, should immediately be reported on location.
  • The kitchen includes cooking utensils. All the rest will need to be purchased by the tenant.
  • Upon arrival, the tenant will receive a list of the kitchen contents, which will be verified upon departure on any missing or damaged items which have to be financially compensated if necessary.
  • At the loss or breaking of the home or safe key, the tenant will be charged 1000 Dalassi or 25 euro.
  • Also, you will have to pay on arrival a deposit of 500 Dalassi or 12,5 euro which you get back after checking if everything is intact and present.
  • Calamities with respect to the leased property, must be reported within 24 hours at the location, where the performer or manager will search for the best possible solution.
  • The executor is NOT  liable for delays and/or changes to flight times, if not communicated in a timely manner.

We contact you as soon as possible and thank you sincerely for your reservation !

Kerr Sering Apartments© is not responsible for everything what happened or can be found outside our location.
Impressions around the side
Surroundings & Activities
Location & Tips
  • Kerr Serign apartments are  off Senegambia High Way.  Sign boards as from Touray’s bar and restaurant guide you to the place.
  • Taxis can be organized or taken on the Senegambia High way.  The fixed price per certain distance covered is D 8 (communal taxi), prices for individual taxis needs to be negotiated on beforehand.  . .
  • Kerr Serign apartments are some 20 minutes’ walk from the beach.
  • Taxi companies available: : Bully (Tel. 00220 7780466) or Sarjo (als guided tours or Tel. 00220 9913133 or 00220 7257733).  Our staff will gladly help you with any other information
  • There exist a lot of possible excursions & day-trips to locations as show on the pictures underneed.
  • This excursions can be done individually at an reduced tariff with our own driver.
  • See the extra info page for more possibilities.
Possibilities to go out
  • There are a lot of posibilities to spend you're free time in en around Senegambia.
  • You will find a lot of different bars, restaurants, nightclubs en hotels with swimmingpools.
  • The surrounding villages like Kotu, Kololi or Fajari offers a wide range of possibilities to go out.
Extra info & Trips for trips
The country Gambia
Gambia (official: Islamic Republic of The Gambia) is  situated in West Africa, surrounded by Senegal and facing the Atlantic ocean. Therefore, and because of tis friendly people, is it also called “Smiling Coast of West Africa”.  Gambia is with a surface of 11,295 Km2 the smallest country on mainland Africa (and approximately one/third of the size of Belgium.  Gambia measure from the East to the West approximately 320 km. From the North to the South the wide varies from 20 km up to 50 km.  The landscape is flat with some light slopes up-country. The Gambia River, with its source in Guinea-Conakry flows through the whole country towards the sea and as thus divides the country in a north and south bank.     The delta of Gambia River is rather swampy with a lots of mangrove plants. The coast line is one long sand beach.

Gambia has a subtropical climate with two seasons: a long dry and relatively cool season from November till May and a short hot and humid rainy season from June to October.  During the rainy season approximately 1000 mm of rain will fall (as much as in Belgium) but this is all concentrated in three months, being July august and September.   On average all days are sunny except during the rainy season where it occasionally can be cloudy and raining.   The water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean varies between 20°C and 27°C.

Useful tips...
The capital of Gambia is Banjul.  The airport is located in Yundum some 40 km from the capital reachable by good roads.   . The official language is English. Yellow fever vaccination is advised although not compulsory for the Gambia.  Malaria prevention during and shortly after the rainy season is also advised.  Consult a medical institute for up to date medical information.  A traditional drink is called Tenkuolo, a palm wine.  Jollof-rice, domodah, yassa or Benachin (meaning dish in one pot) are  some of the traditional meals  made of rice, beef, mutton, chicken or fish and with all kinds of fresh vegetables.     Wooden craftworks are among the local souvenirs.  The national currency of the Gambia is the Dalasi. Foreign currency (euros and dollars) is readable changed in several money changing offices or in the banks.   Most shops and restaurants don’t accept credit cards, only in the large hotels.   We advise the use of cash money to avoid problems with payments. Bargain on the prices can be done at the local tourist markets for craftwork souvenirs.  .

The time zone in The Gambia  GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). In the winter in Europe the time difference is one hour, in the summer the time difference is two hours (Gambia behind the time zone in Europe).

You can travel to the Gambia from Belgium with a valid Belgian Identity card and a return ticket.  Alternative is a international passport  that is minimum still valid 6 months after entry. Depending on the nationality you may need a visa.  Belgians and Dutch don’t need a visa, French need a visa.  For up-to date information on visa requirements, please  contact the nearest Embassy of the Gambia.

For a holiday visit to Gambia a vaccination is not required. However, vaccinations against yellow fever and DTP are strongly advised. For a visit to Senegal it is obliges to have different vaccinations. Also medication against malaria is strongly recommended. Ask you’re nearest tropical institute for there recommendation.

Tips for nice restuarants in The Gambia!

PARADISIO, nice pizza’s
African Queen, a very good place with nice food!
Darboe’s restaurant, Gambian management and live music
El Sol, very good quality
Musa’s Bendulla, very cheep and good quality
Swiss bar, on the beach with nice beach bar
GTS bar and restaurant
Al Rawse Lebanese restaurant
Sea Shells
Come In restaurant
The green Mamba, chinees
Danmark Cafe
Kunta Kinte, on the beach, nice bar and food
Ngala Lodge, perfect ans styl restaurant
The Butcher schop
The Clay Oven, Fajara
Calypso bar and restaurant, wondefull location, perfect food
Blue Kitchen
2 Rays
KaJ’s Cave
Excursions and monumental views

1. The capital Banjul
Banjul is the official capital of Gambia. Serrekunda is the largest city of Gambia, and a lot more active as Banjul. However you should consider a visit to the charming capital city, to see the curiosities like Albert market and the crowdie harbor, departures place of the ferry. The airport is also one of the emergency landing strips of the NASA, in case a shuttle flight needs to bee diverted. If you drive into Banjul, you see immediately the impressive Arch 22. The gate is 35 meters tall and the centre of an open square. It houses a textile museum. Inside you have a beautiful view unto the city, the Gambia-River and the Atlantic Ocean. On the square in front of the arc stands a statue of the Unknown Soldier, who carries a baby.

2. Serekunda Market
Serekunda Market is really an adventure. Here you can buy almost everything. Rolex Watches (real or fake), used jerry cans, slippers, goats, you name it. On this market the local people buy their merchandises. The nicest part of the visit is to observe the local people and see them negotiating with use of their hands making all kinds of movements. Don’t be surprised when you see the Gambians talking to each other in a busy way about something they want to sell or buy or if someone put his goat in a cab a take of.

3. Lamin Lodge
Hide between the mangrove bunches lies the adventurous Lamin Lodge. It is made completely of Mangrove wood. This gives Lamin Lodge the typical look of an enormous tree house. In fact these lodge is an oyster farm, but because the beauty of the building, they have established here a lodge where you can with eat and drink deliciously. The hardened path to Lamin Lodge has been made of pulverized oyster shells, which lie also in large mounts beside the path. Because the oysters fix themselves to the roots of the Mangroves, the women will pull almost daily the oysters of the roots. The oysters are eaten cooked and of the shells are used to made ways. From the Lamin Lodge you can make fishing trips, bird observation trips or simply nicely sail around in a small boat.

4. Paradise Beach
On this beach relaxation rules and you will forget all your troubles. Lain in this wonderful bay you can enjoy your sunbathe in the white sand, have lunch or diner in the beach bar or simply walk along the sea and look a the waves or the palm trees. The exotic shells (*) you find on the beach are used by the Gambian women to made beautiful bracelets and neck collars. You wont find no ‘hustlers’ over here and have plenty of time to make a chat with the local people. If the sea breeze isn’t enough to cool you down, you can seat yourself under sheers parasols or take a shower under the many self-made recycled oil barrels. Of course you can take also a dive in the ocean, but keep in mind that this waters have a strong flow under need the surface you better don’t go to far into the sea. If you love to eat fish, you can order your preferred kind in one of the many establishments, where they sell daily fresh catches species. (*) Be sure you don’t take these shells at home as a souvenir, because some species are protected and forbidden to carried out thru customs.

5. Tanji Fishing Village
The fisherman village Tanji is very nice to visit, especially in the afternoon. On that part of the day all fishermen return with their captured fish (sharks, turtles, barracudas, etc.) and the their women come to help them. The fish is immediately smoked on site, and as a result of this a heavy fragrance of smoked fish hangs in the complete village. With the undergoing sun, the smoke of the fish, the pirogues (canoes) on the beach and the splendid traditional clothing of the women, you have been insured of making beautiful photographs. The collection of thousands refrigerators on the beach, which are not electrically connected and where the fish is stored temporarily, makes you really laughing.

6. Kameelsafari in Tanji

7. Kachikally Heilige Krokodillen Pool
The Holy Crocodiles Pool in Bakau is really a must. According to old-animistic use this pool should have supernatural healing strength, particularly in case of fertility. Still a lot of women come to this place to bade in the water and hope to be good fertile. Many other old rituals are also carried out at this pool. The Kachikally Pool is a wonderful place and many people say they are able to feel the spirituality on this location. In the pool live around 80 crocodiles, which you can touch and caress. Nobody knows the reason for this strange behavior of the reptiles. Some say it’s because they are holy animals, others think it’s due their way of feeding. There are several of these pools in Gambia (with or without crocodiles), but the pool in Bakau is the most known tourist area.

8. Makasutu, culture project
In this splendid ecological forest you can walk for hours and enjoy of the nature. Makasutu Culture Forest is a good example that tourism and environmental protection can go hand in hand. During the walking you will be surprised of the beautiful colors, the large butterflies which land before your feet and the rich variation of species of tropical birds you can see in this forest. You can learn to climb a palm tree in the way the local people does this for centuries. Or you can taste the Zum-Zum (alcohol concerning palm wine), also known as a jungle juice. Be careful no to drink too much of it, or it can bee you’re gone see pink elephants! You also will find a lot of baboons in Makasutu forest. A canoe trip trough the mangrove bush is recommended, and conducts you along long mangrove roots and riverbanks with lots of crabs and other river occupants. At the end of your visit you can drink something or eat a little snack in the splendid Lounge of Makasutu just outside the forest, and in the mean time visit a traditional dancing and djembe drum show.

9. Bijilo Monkey Forrest
At five minutes walking distance from the Senegambia tourist area lays Bijilo Monkey Forest. Here you can see several monkeys and wonderful birds, such as the rhinoceros bird. You can make this trip very easy on your own and don’t need a guide. On you’re way towards the forest, you probably will become addressed by `bumpsters’, which will you try to sell peanuts. But at the entrance of the park are plates hanging that warns you it’s absolutely forbidden to feed the monkeys. In the park you must engage a park ranger, who will ask you if you have bought peanuts, because it is really not permitted. Once in the park the same Ranger will explain you that the monkeys do not approach because you have bought no peanuts and he will advise you to do this next time you come again?!? Strange, isn’t? Beside monkeys you find also enormously large termite hills in the park and in these hills also frequently live snakes, because it is nice cold within. So don’t climb on such hill to make a nice photograph, because you can disturb a sleeping snake and been bitten before you know it. If you pay a visit to Bijilo in the rainy season, you can also see enormous spiders hanging in their web. There is in the park a splendid viewpoint on the ocean and a little further a meadow where you see many monkeys with their baby's from nearby. This place is near by the apartments, so therefore no taxi necessary.

10. Bakau
Bakau is a relative small place with less than 30,000 inhabitants. The most important place is the Independence Stadium, which officially offers place to more than 28,000 persons. Although sometimes at important games are more than 40,000 persons inside. Bakau lies superb offers from his highest point a fantastic view on the Atlantic Ocean. The ministry of agriculture has arranged a botanic garden for scientific research on the Atlantic Road between Bakau and cape Point. This place is called Kachikally Crocodile Pool. The tourist market in Bakau is extremely suitable for souvenirs. In the Batik Factory in Bakau made the most beautiful and colorful depressed clothing and curtains. This factory lies at the end of the New Town Road. It is open from Mon./Fri. 9 am- 6 pm. (Sat. 9 am - 5 pm).

11. Brikama
Brikama have been extremely confessed because of the divergent types of wooden cutting art. On the Market of Brikama this cutting art is exclusively sold. The Gambians are really professionals in this art, as you can see for yourself when they are at work on this market, frequently using no more than a little knife and some barn paper. In Brikama many children offers you a ticket with their name and address, in the hope you ever will send them a postcard or a letter of you. A visit to the market will take some time, so you better as the taxi-driver to accompany you. Normally it costs 20 Dalasi per stationary hour for cab, but you have to bargain up to 1/3 or 1/2 of the price. The tourist market in Brikama is extremely suitable for souvenirs. Here you can buy cute djembe's, but ask the driver to take you to Manjai to visit the djembé factory. A must!

12. Abuko Park
The Abuko Nature Reserve is a nice nature park, where you believe to be in the reel jungle. Here you will find only a few animals like some (old) lions, a couple of monkeys, some turtles and few birds. It’s especially the walking pad what makes the park attractive. We notice that the monkeys are feed a lot of beans, while the local Gambian people almost never eat these vegetables for themselves.
The cattle market lies on the road between Abuko and Serrekunda. A visit to the cattle market is quit an adventure. There is a trade of sheep, ewes, chickens but also cows. Beside the market is a slaughterhouse, with directly behind it a place where the corpses were laid down. Around the market you will see a lot of vultures, waiting for the right moment to grab a delicious bit of flesh.

13. The Reptile Farm
On the road towards Paradise Beach lies The Reptile Farm. Even if you are a real hero or afraid of snakes and other reptiles, you must have visit this place. This farm is made by a Frenchman, together with his Senegal wife and they live here with their two daughters. This farm houses several poison and stranglesnakes, but also chameleons, lizards, turtles, monkeys and vultures. They can be observed from close range and even be hold in your hands. If you are afraid, one of the little daughters will show you how to hold such animal. She grabs a python like others girls play with their doll.

Some tips for further trips

14. Fort James on James Island
James Island is a very impressive island to visit. This place is very famous because og the serail "ROOTS", about the slavery in the year 1860.

The island lies in the Gambia River, about 40 km of Banjul. At the time of slavery the island was used as a collection place for the slaves who been caught on the African mainland. The slaves were hold on the island for a number of weeks to prepare them to the large travel overseas to several plantations in the United States, the Antilles, Suriname, etc. This preparation happened by in a very inhuman manner to make the slaves mentally and physical weak, to avoid insurrection on board of the ships while sailing towards their destination. The ruin of the Fort James, built by the English, stands still on the island and forms a silent witness of the terrible things that has found place there. In the village Juffureh, on the mainland at the jetties for the pirogues (canoes) towards James Island, a museum is build with objects, tales and paintings from the slavery time. Certainly a visit worth it!

15. Tendaba Camp
Tendaba Camp lies approximately at 6 hours drive from the Senegambia area. The jeep conducts you along small villages with small huts and rise fields where the woman work very hard. You will get a painful arm of swaying to the population, but this inconvenience fades if you see the smiling faces of the people. This safari is well to do, even if you’re not an experience traveler. The motto of the camp Tendaba is:
"One million mosquito's can not be wrong.....Tendaba Camp is fabulous!"
And indeed, the camp is marvelous but also terribly forgiven from mosquito’s (therefore don’t forget a product to protect you against these insects). The quarters in the camp are simple round huts (provided of klamboes and shower) in the typical African style and completely made of material from the bush. There are also a swimming pool and a ritchful bar where you can deliciously cool down after the dusty ride. The camp has aggregate electricity, but at night this is turned of, so takes along a pocket lamp on this safari. From Tendaba you can undertake several excursions: paddle towards the river delta by a canoe, make more intensive excursions by jeep in the bush. Bushpigs (a very hairy member of the pig family that lives in forest thickets) are served at night in the covered restaurant that looks out on the river. If you prefer something else to eat, there’s always the menu that offers a wide range of delicious food. Inside Tendaba Camp is also a garden with a few lazy crocodiles and large wooden sculptures. Spending the night in the camp gives you really the feeling staying in the African bush. Going more further towards Georgetown is also a complete adventure. If you travel for a day longer, you arrive in Bird Safari Park. Any question and more information concerning this trip of a few days, you can at our watchman Mussa.

16. Barra
With use of the ferry from Banjul to Barra, you can visit Fort Bullen. From Barra you can take a ride towards Senegal. A tip: make a trip towards Sakone (40 km) of Mbour (just a little further behind Kaolack).

Contact & Route
Who is who?
Hi, we are William and Veronique Merckx-Van Renterghem. You may contact us always for any possible information

When we are in Belgium:
Mobile Veronique ...... 0032 (0)484 72 57 59
Mobile William ........... 0032 (0)485 30 18 35

In the Gambia:
Mobile Veronique .............. 00220 777 02 40

Don't hesitate! We contact you as soon as possible!
Poullo is ours cleaning lady and take care of the cleanliness of the apartments. There are also safes in the bedrooms. The use of them is included in the rental price. Poullo does you're laundry at regular payment. Prices need to be discuss with her.
Landing is our manager and watchman. He watches over the compound during the night. You can contact him with all your questions or if you need help.
Where do you find us?
This is a local map surounding area near Kerr Sering Apartments
Clik on the map for a larger view
10 most common questions about Gambia

1. Is the food good in Gambia?
Gambia is well known and renowned for its fresh fish and seafood.  All types of fish are locally caught by fishermen and include Barracuda, Lady Fish, Butter fish, red and black snappers, tuna fish and captain fish. Besides that  the Gamba’s or tiger prawns and local lobsters are also advised.    Besides the local dishes you can eat also international and European cuisine.   We advise you to try a local receipt like for example ‘Domodah’, a delicious meal with rice and tasty sauce on the basis of the Gambian peanut.

2. Can I relax on the Gambian beaches and enjoy the sun?
Yes, absolutely you can.  All along the coast are nice and sandy beaches.  The hotels near the beaches have comfortable chairs and  parasols. The beaches are quiet and have plenty of space for everyone. Most of the hotels have a beach bar and serve on the beach.  Besides the hotels there are plenty local beach bars along the whole coast where you can equally enjoy and relax.

3. Is Gambia a safe country?
Gambia is a safe holiday destination. The Gambians claims to be the most pleasant people in the world. One popular saying is “the Gambia, No Problem”  But watch out for the so-called bumsters, they will try to get a commercial benefit from the Toubab (meaning white person).    95% of the population is Muslim, the remaining are Christians and animist.

4. Can I go with children to Gambia?
Gambia is a family destination.  Most of the hotels  have separate swimming pools for children, offer a large variation of  animation and have playgrounds.

5. Is Gambia not too far for just one week?
The average time to fly to the Gambia is between 6 and 7 hours depending where you fly from and how many intermediate stops you make.  From Belgium and The Netherlands the flight time is just 6 hours.  There is maximum an hour time difference (two during the European summer) so no trouble of the jetlag. Therefore Gambia is an ideal holiday destination, even only 1 week.

6. Is Gambia an expensive holiday country?
Comparison with Europe, Gambia is very cheap. An average meal will cost you 10 euro drinks included.  Specially the  local restaurants are very cheap but even the larger hotels offers meals at half the price of the average European dish.

7. Is beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks easy to obtain in Gambia?
You can buy all kind of alcoholic drinks in the Gambia.  The Gambia has its own label of beer, named “Julbrew”.  There is a lager and a stronger type “Export’.  Wine and other alcoholic drinks are available in most of the shops and all large hotels and most of the smaller guesthouses.

8. What about “Malaria”?
Malaria is transferred by a mosquito.  Through a mosquito bite, the parasite can be transferred to humans.   The disease is called malaria. Malaria can be treated but diagnosis needs to be done so the correct can be pre-scribed.  These drugs are readily available in the Gambia.  Also preventive medicines can be taken, for this follow the advice of the Tropical medical services in your country (for Belgium the Tropical institute in Antwerp).   The best way to avoid getting malaria is by preventing that mosquitos are biting you.  Since malaria mosquito’s only are active at night (from 7 Pm to 7 AM) that is when most protection is needed.  Wear long trousers and long sleeve t-shirts or apply a mosquito repellent such as “Deet”.  One of the first symptoms of having malaria is high fever (>40 degrees). After you have left the Gambia and you develop a high fever in the weeks following your stay, always ask your doctor in Belgium to be checked for malaria, as the disease has a two weeks incubation time, so when bitten the last day, you will only develop malaria when already back in Belgium.

9. What can been done in Gambia besides enjoying the sun and the sea?
Gambia offers different other possibilities than sun and sea.  Thes include bush safaris, several options on the river, travel up-country etc… You can do fishing excursion on the Gambia or visit the Abuko Nature reserve with its monkeys and crocodiles.  The best is to ask in the larger hotel about the several possible excursions that they offer.

10. How do I manage my money transactions in Gambia?
The Gambian currency is called the Dalasi. You can exchange your Euros, Dollars or other currency for Dalasi in your hotel, at the bank or in a local changing office. All the banks, exchange offices and most of the hotels are accepting traveler cheques and credit cards. We advise you to do not take too much cash money with you when going on an excursion or walk through busy areas.   You can put the cash money into the safe of your bedroom of the Kerr Sering Apartment, or into the safe at your hotels’ reception when you’re gone on a trip. This is also useful for other expensive or important things you don’t need while you’re away for a short period. Do not run around with your passport put take a copy and carry the copy.  When your passport is stolen you will have difficulties leaving the country.  The surplus of Dalasi you have when going back home, can be exchanged without any problem in the airport.
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